mink lashes, makeup artistSay hello to the new brand on The Beauties In Color Here Everyday, “Painted By Fernorm Faces” by Joanna Nnorom. Joanna is a makeup artists creates amazing artistry for clients while also serving up her new client base with luxury mink lashes.

Growing up in the Bahamas, this island gal relocated to Dallas, Texas in 2014 to start her makeup career. Being a self-thought Makeup Artist she took it a step further by attending classes and seminars to learn from the pros of GlamourRX, Sam Fine, Tiyana Robinson, Renny Vasquez and GlambyIsoken, yes we are namedropping.

“I thought that maybe, I can be that person to not only make a woman feel beautiful, but to bring awareness as to what Beauty really means; laughter, happiness and self-acceptance is beauty.”

Get to know her brand and shop her lash line by clicking here and use the code “THEBICHE” to receive 15% off your purchase.

Here’s a little snippet of those mink pieces below that should get you excited. Also on the latest YouTube upload, I used her lashes!mink lashes


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